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  1. SOK Forum Guide: Calendars

    by , November 15th, 2013 at 12:05 AM (Guides to the SOK Forum Features!)
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ID:	43Accessing the Calendar

    Calendars are a great way for us to advertise events on our forums. This includes Real Life meets events, Raids, In-Game events, and much more. To access the calendar, click "Forum" in the navigation, and then choose "Calendar" in the sub navigation menu. The default calendar will show Birthday's and Knighted On Dates. These dates only show for those of Friend and Knight rank.

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  2. Disney Infinity Review

    In the run up to our recent family trip to Disney World, I considered getting Infinity (which released in August, 2013) but held off because I wasn't sure how much my oldest enjoyed the broader Disney universe - he's loved the Pixar movies like Toy Story and WALL-E while not being as interested in the more traditional "Mouse" characters. Turns out I miscalculated the draw of Disney as my kid was blown away by our time in Disney World and Infinity became a good call for Christmas!

    Infinity ...
  3. Jungle Girl & Her Sabertooth Cat

    While waiting for a base for Wyrmgear to get in I started on another mini -- Jungle Girl & Saber!

    Base Coat/Color idears

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    Started on the shading/detail. There lots of back n forth with colors/shading.. weee!
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    Finished! Probably one of my fastest tho she is pretty tiny. And her saber only took a few hours.
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    Updated January 21st, 2014 at 10:40 PM by Zeshae

  4. Starbound: Terran Mech

    Found the tech blueprint for this baby tonight

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