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  1. Disney Infinity Review

    In the run up to our recent family trip to Disney World, I considered getting Infinity (which released in August, 2013) but held off because I wasn't sure how much my oldest enjoyed the broader Disney universe - he's loved the Pixar movies like Toy Story and WALL-E while not being as interested in the more traditional "Mouse" characters. Turns out I miscalculated the draw of Disney as my kid was blown away by our time in Disney World and Infinity became a good call for Christmas!

    Infinity ...
  2. Starbound: Terran Mech

    Found the tech blueprint for this baby tonight

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. [WIP] Wyrmgear

    Yay.. Wyrmgear!

    His cool base came in a week or 2 ago so here he is (without his tail and huge wings).

    I'll likely keep him mostly silver with anything gear-y/pipe-ish bronze and copper rivets and bolts. I do have a metallic blue which is lovely but I'm not sure if I'll use it on him yet. If I do it'll only be in a spot or 2. The white is prepwork for the glow of energy (or gnomish magic?). When I'm done with his colors he'll get a wash of black/dark brown to wear the ...

    Updated February 10th, 2014 at 08:06 PM by Zeshae

  4. Starbound: Beta Sector Homebase

    Some details on planet Beta Delta And 5483 IV (63216569 69991314).

    • Arid with blue-green and brown sand/soils. Safe water on the surface.
    • Safe temperature during the day. At night the temperature drops at a slow rate so be careful (or wear warmer armor)!
    • Deeper below the surface are areas of slime and sewage along with poison waters. Make sure to fill in/cover the poison water before wandering around down there. You will know to watch out for poison water when you see those greenish
  5. Dragon Keeper Imirrae & Circle Orboros Shifting Stones

    Recent finished or pretty-much-done minis!
    Colors are how many paints I used cuz it's fun to keep track of how many paint colors I use on a mini (and then want the other sets of Reaper paints. teehee!)

    Dragon Keeper Imirrae with her round silver and gold dragonlings. (24 colors) Though she does need a spritz of dullcote cuz I missed a spot or 2 heh. Oops. =P

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And my Circle Orboros Shifting Stones! (11 colors) ...
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