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  1. Goodbye Detroit!

    So if you didn't hear via Facebook, I'm finally leaving Detroit. I got a job in Florida, web development with Magento and PHP, even though I hear the boss is a total slavedriver. Today I'm in the process of neatly packaging my life into tiny boxes like this:

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    The dollhouse isn't coming with me, by the way. I'll be in Florida for good Thursday evening, I'm simultaneously excited and terrified. The Detroit area is all I've ever known, but I'm ...

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  2. Jungle Girl & Her Sabertooth Cat

    While waiting for a base for Wyrmgear to get in I started on another mini -- Jungle Girl & Saber!

    Base Coat/Color idears

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    Started on the shading/detail. There lots of back n forth with colors/shading.. weee!
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    Finished! Probably one of my fastest tho she is pretty tiny. And her saber only took a few hours.
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  3. Panzer's Tabletop Gaming Reviews - Boss Monster

    So many games past few weeks, time to catch up on some more reviews hehe. So up next is a simple new card game we tried that plays heavy on gamer nostalgia

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    First Impressions:
    So yea, try to look at that box and don't smile at the nostalgia. Boss Monster is a simple competitive card game for up to 4 players. The theme is classic 8-bit side scroller games, where a Boss monster is waiting at the end of the level. In this game though you ...
  4. Panzer's Tabletop Gaming Reviews - Rampage

    Giant monsters smashing stuff and meeple buildings? What could be better?

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    First Impressions: Ok this sure is one colorful game, kinda almost scares you into thinking it's a kids game.... though truthfully kids will love this game too. First thing you think also is that this is a game based off the classic arcade game. Repos even seems to know this and ripped off the look to play on nostalgia even though the creator of the game is European ...
  5. Craft the World

    My current gotta-beat-it game... but also another good to play while painting minis (which means I should start on another soon =P ).

    I would have NEVER heard of this game if it weren't for the Steam holiday sale. Damn you, Steam!

    It's the genre or type of game all about managing your dwarves to mine/dig, craft, build, and attack or defend. This one is a 2D/sidescroller randomly generated worlds. The graphics are fun ...

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