The Sterling Order of Knights Silver Book

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The Sterling Order of Knights Silver book is an ongoing project to capture information on all folks that have been or are currently, Knights. Please note: The Book is currently only optimized to the SOK main theme of the site. If you are using any other theme, it may not display some components correctly.

The idea stemmed from a desire to do something when I found out Bali passed on. I had some thoughts on what I wanted to do, but nothing concrete. Then Lea passed, and it lit a fire under trying to figure out what to do. I finally had some inspiration from watching/reading Game of Thrones, and that was the White Book. For those that do not know, this is a book of everyone that has ever served as the King's Guard, along with their deeds. Each member got one page. I have always been interested in chronicling the guild, and this gave me a way to do so, as well as highlight those that have fallen.

This was going to be a pretty large project, and one issue is that I really only know the history from 2007 and on, but, I have full access to all the forums for research. I decided to try and get some help to make this project speed up a bit. Ultimately, I had help from Alex, Nirrudn, Bajah and Zeshae. Alex's work was key, as he remembered a lot of history, and did about 80% of the research. I needed to make the page pretty, and that is where Bajah and Zeshae came in, with Bajah doing roughly 90% of the imagery on the project. I had the vision, they helped make it a reality.

The book shows all Knights that ever were, and those that currently are. The idea is to be able to flip through chronologically as folks were added to our ranks, and see what they played with SOK, who they were, and when they were in the guild. We wanted to capture "deeds" of the person, which correlated to official SOK games they played with the SOK tag. We also wanted to capture all the dates we could find on Application Post, Application, Knighted, Re-Knighted, Promotion to Leader/Officer/Guild Leader, as well as retirement from the guild. If a Knight has fallen, we capture that date, and display a "memory wall", which displays the posts for the fallen Knight from the forums. Lastly, we capture any names they were known as, whether it is in game, or on the forums, as a quick reference to who the person was within the gaming community.

The data was gathered searching the current forums, as well as looking at cached archives of old SOK sites. It may not be 100% accurate, as some data was lost in the ages. We had to best guess on a lot older data, and I tried to denote when a date was estimated. This is seen on Knighted On dates, as well as dates older members left. In some cases, there is no way to know when they were removed, so, some assumptions were made. The data is modifiable as well as expected to expand it more in the future, but the key of the book is to limit it to thing that are factual and not open for interpretation. If you left the guild and came back, you -should- have two entries. If a character name was something associated with you, it -should- be listed. The games listed as "official" are the following: Diablo 1, Ultima Online, EverQuest, Diablo 2, Dark Ages of Camelot, Star Wars: Galaxies, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and WildStar.

If you feel there is data in error, please post on the discussion thread for this, found here https://www.sok.org/showthread.php?t=59095. You can also Private Message me, and as I resolve the issues, I will remove them and let you know. I will note, I will not be removing "facts" from your entry if they are actually accurate. If you don't want it showing that you left the guild in the past, or you don't want a character name to show up, if they are actually associated with you, then they will be left there unless there is a truly valid reason to remove it.

You can find the book by going to "About Us" and clicking "The Silver Book". You are brought to the main screen which is the book cover. Click the book to open it.

Table of Contents
: This shows you the list of all entries in the book in chronological order. The release dates of official games are in there to help break up the list, and get a feel for who was added during what game era. You can either click on a name to jump to that entry, or, you can just click the "Next Page" at the top or bottom of every page. If the name has a color coding, it denotes a current Knight, and their status with the guild. Purple = Knight, Orange = Leader, Red = Officer, Light Blue = Officer Emeritus, Dark Blue = Guild Leader. These colors are used throughout the site.

: The second page is the same text from the History page. It seemed fitting to include it in the book.

Entry Pages: Each entry shows some specified information. There is a color indicator around the letter of the knight, denoting their current status. A grey border means someone no longer a Knight. If there are laurels around the letter, that denotes a fallen knight.

  • Name Section
    • Formal Name: This shows their formal first name and surname where applicable.
    • Know As: This shows their forum name if it does not match their formal name, so that you know who the person is on the forums.
    • Served: This also shows how many years of service someone has served/is currently serving. For current knights, this will show Years Served + 1, as you are currently serving that next year. For former Knights, this will calculate how many years you have served in total, and show that.

  • Fact Section
    • Icons are a quick indicator of what the entry did in terms of status within the guild. Green = Retired from Knighthood, Purple = Knighted; Re-Knighted, Orange = Promotion to Leader/Officer Advocate, Red = Promotion to Officer, Light Blue = Retired to Officer Emeritus, Dark Blue = Promotion to Guild Leader / Founder
    • Dates will have a * next to them if they are an estimated date.
    • If we know who was a sponsor for someones applicant, it shows up as "Sponsored for Knighthood by"
    • If we know who Knighted a person, it shows up as "Knighting accolades conveyed by".
    • Data Collected for this section are: Intent to Applied Date, Applied Date, Sponsors for Application, Knighted Date, Knighted By, Re-Knighted Date, Re-Knighted By, Promotion to Leader/Officer Advocate Date, Promotion to Officer, Promotion to Guild Leader, Retired to Officer Emeritus, Left Guild Date, Re-Left Guild Date.

  • Known As Section
    • This section lists all the names a person is known as. This includes on the forums as well as in game. These have been extracted from the Roster, as well as old posts.

  • Deed Section
    • This section denotes all the official games a person has played under the SOK tag, as well as what game they were Knighted in.
    • Official Games currently are: Diablo 1, Ultima Online, EverQuest, Diablo 2, Dark Ages of Camelot, Star Wars: Galaxies, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and WildStar.

If you know information on someone missing from the book, inaccurate information, missing information, or changes to be made, please post them in the following thread: https://www.sok.org/showthread.php?t=59095 or PM them to me.

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