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SOK Forum Guide: Calendars

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ID:	43Accessing the Calendar

Calendars are a great way for us to advertise events on our forums. This includes Real Life meets events, Raids, In-Game events, and much more. To access the calendar, click "Forum" in the navigation, and then choose "Calendar" in the sub navigation menu. The default calendar will show Birthday's and Knighted On Dates. These dates only show for those of Friend and Knight rank.

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ID:	44Viewing other Calendars

Currently there are two calendars, the Default which stores Birthday's, Knighted On, as well as Real Life meetings. The second is for In-game events and raids. Only Knights can add events to the default calendar, and Knights/Friends can post events on the In-game/Raid calendar.

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ID:	45Adding an Event

To add a new event to a calendar, click the "Add New Event" button in the top left of the calendar screen. This will allow you to create a single, ranged or re-occurring event. Make sure to add a short title, and put the details in the description. The description shows when you click the event in the calendar. The title is what shows on that days entry. Once you have entered the data, click the "Save Event" button.
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  1. Erol's Avatar
    Might want to include Leader, Officer, Officer Emiratus ranks for birthdays as well!
  2. Kodoir's Avatar
    All Leaders, Officer, and Officer Emirates (who are still Knights) are in the Knights group.
  3. Kodoir's Avatar
    Bah, but as I went and looked, I see that they don't show up! I cry a little. Thought it would show anyone in that group, but looks like its only folks with a primary group set.