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    JD McPherson

    I shared this with a few folks at the camping trip. Figured I'd share it with the rest.

    While at a local diner somewhere in Oklahoma, I started chatting with an older gentleman sitting next to me. He was a local rancher (cattle), and his son (JD) went to college to be a teacher (math if I remember right). After JD graduated, he got a job teaching HS out in Los Angeles, but he also started a little band for fun and played now and then around LA county. Three years later (last year), CA started laying off teachers and JD was one of the first to go. His dad told him to come on home to OK and work on the Ranch, but JD and his band decided to give it a go and see if they could turn it into a music career.

    The end result has been appearances on Leno and other late night shows, and near-constant bookings across the country for Jazz, Swing, and Blues festivals. Personally, I'm really happy he decided to chase the music, as I think his sound just rocks. Here's "North Side Gal" on YouTube:

    ProTip: I've discovered the louder you play it, the better it is
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    Re: JD McPherson

    Yea, nice. I've seen his name around, but never heard anything.

    JUBAL/LEOD 2016!!

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