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Thread: The Producers (2005) - Keep It Gay studio recording

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    The Producers (2005) - Keep It Gay studio recording

    MAX: Listen, Roger: did you get a chance yet to read Springtime for Hitler?

    ROGER: Read it? I devoured it! I for one, for instance, never realized that the Third Reich meant Germany.

    MAX: Yeah, how 'bout that? Then you'll do it?

    ROGER: Do it? Of course not.
    The theatre's so obsessed
    With dramas so depressed
    It's hard to sell a ticket on Broadway
    Shows should be more pretty
    Shows should be more witty
    Shows should be more...
    What's the word?

    LEO: ...Gay?

    ROGER: Exactly!
    No matter what you do on the stage
    Keep it light, keep it bright, keep it gay!
    Whether it's murder, mayhem or rage
    Don't complain, it's a pain
    Keep it gay!

    CARMEN: People want laughter when they see a show
    The last thing they're after's a litany of woe

    ROGER & CARMEN: A happy ending will pep up your play...

    ROGER: Oedipus won't bomb...

    CARMEN: If he winds up with Mom!
    Keep it gay!

    ROGER: Keep it gay...

    ROGER & CARMEN: Keep it gay!

    MAX: Couldn't agree with you more. And you have our blessings, Roger,
    to make Springtime for Hitler just as gay as anyone could possibly want.
    So, c'mon, do it for us, please.

    ROGER: No, sorry, Max, but it's simply not my cup of tea.
    Still, fair is fair, perhaps I should ask my production team what they think.
    This is my set designer, Bryan.

    BRYAN: Keep it glad, keep it mad, keep it gay!

    ROGER: And here's my costume designer, Kevin.

    KEVIN: Hello...
    Keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it gay!

    BRYAN & KEVIN: We're clever, creative
    It's our job to see
    That everything's perfect for Mr. De Bris!

    ROGER: Next, Scott, my choreographer...

    SCOTT: Hi there...

    ROGER: And, ah, finally, last and least, my lighting designer, Shirley Markowitz.

    SHIRLEY: Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay

    LEO: I don't think we're getting to them. What do we do now, Max?

    MAX: Watch this. Roger, listen. I think that Springtime for Hitler
    would be a marvelous opportunity for you. I mean, up to now,
    you've always been associated with frivolous musicals.

    ROGER: You're right! I've often felt as though I've been throwing my life away
    on silly entertainments. Dopey showgirls in gooey gowns.
    Two-three-kick-turn! Turn-turn-kick-turn!

    CARMEN: Oh, Roger.

    ROGER: It's enough to make you heave.
    Nonetheless, sorry, Max.
    I just couldn't do Springtime for Hitler

    MAX: Why not? Think of the prestige.

    ROGER: No.

    MAX: Think of the respect.

    ROGER: No, no, no!

    MAX: Think of ... the Tony!

    CARMEN & THE TEAM: Tony...Tony...Tony...Tony...Tony!

    ROGER: Ngaaaaaahhhhh!

    MAX: What's the matter?

    LEO: Is he all right?

    CARMEN: He's having a stroke...

    MAX & LEO: What?

    CARMEN: ...of genius!

    ROGER: I see it! I see it! At last. The chance to do something important!

    CARMEN: Roger de Bris presents History!

    ROGER: Of course that whole second act has to be rewritten. They're losing the war? Excuse me. It's too downbeat.

    CARMEN: Roger de Bris presents History!

    ROGER: But's a wild idea, but it just might work...
    I...see...a...line of beautiful girls
    Dressed as storm troopers, each one a gem
    With leather boots and whips on their hips
    It's risque, dare I say, S & M!

    CARMEN & THE TEAM: Love it!

    ROGER: I see German soldiers dancing through France
    Played by chorus boys in very tight pants
    And wait, there's more - they win the war!
    And the dances they do will be daring and new
    Turn-turn-kick-turn, turn-turn-kick-turn
    Keep it sassy, keep it classy, keep it-

    MAX: That is brilliant! Brilliant! Roger, I speak for Mr. Bloom and myself
    when I say that you are the only man in the world who can do justice
    to Springtime for Hitler. Will you do it, please?

    LEO: Please!

    ROGER: Wait a minute! This is a very big decision! It might effect the course of my entire life!
    I shall have to think about it...I'll do it.
    I'll do it!
    Sabu, champagne!

    ROGER, CARMEN & THE TEAM: If at the end you want them to cheer
    Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay
    Whether it's Hamlet, Othello, or Lear
    Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay

    CARMEN: Comedy's joyous, a constant delight
    Dramas annoy us...

    ROGER & CARMEN: ...and ruin our night.

    ROGER, CARMEN & THE TEAM: So keep your Strindbergs and Ibsens at bay...

    ROGER: I'll sign...

    KEVIN: Sign...

    BRYAN: Sign...

    SCOTT: Sign...

    CARMEN: Sign...

    SHIRLEY: Sign...

    MAX & LEO: Sign!

    ROGER: Roger Elizabeth De Bris!

    ALL: Keep it gay!!

    ===== ===== =====

    It was entertainingly fun to watch Nathan Lane (as Max Bialystock) and Gary Beach (as Roger De Bris) be so animated towards their roles with just a studio recording of this song, as well as the rest of the chorus characters, it really brings out the energy of the song as a result. Matthew Broderick (as Leopold "Leo" Bloom) looks like he could not care less about being there.
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