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Thread: Some of us started a business...

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    Some of us started a business...

    Hello fellow Knights!

    I figured this was the best place to put such a thing, and likely to find an interested crowd. A couple of us, myself, Mangledarm, and Somma, happen to be IRL colleagues at an small engineering school in Boston. Over the last couple of years we've worked with another colleague to develop things we have come to call gamified lab kits, which are games designed to teach serious science lessons, at the college level, in a fun, exciting and engaging way.

    The first of these games is Sector Vector, a board game of spaceship combat designed to teach vectors, either for physics or mathematics at college or an advanced high school level. The four of us involved have founded a small company, 4th Law Labs. We have finished design work and had produced for us a substantial number of copies of Sector Vector, and are now on the market looking for (more) people who might be interested in using our product to teach vectors. We are quite willing to have conversations with any interested parties, and give them a run down of how our gamified lab kit works and what our gamified lab kit does.

    I figured you all are gamers of one suit or another, and might either be in education or know people in education who might be interested in such a product. If you know someone or are interested, please post or pm me.

    Somma, Mangledarm and myself would be most grateful.

    You can see our product at:

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    Wow this looks cool as hell, great idea!

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    Awesome! Glad to see you all finding new ways to share education and following your passions. I'll share this out on FB too.

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    Nicely done! I look forward to seeing what other platforms you guys design in the coming years.

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    We do have another game in the pipeline, if we can get this one to sell we will roll that one out (about resistors). Eventually we might be educating the whole world!

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