The SOK Code

The Sterling Order of Knights can be defined by what we are and what we strive to be. Understanding the guild requires understanding our achievements and our goals. Every Knight represents years of developing fellowships and ideals. Every Knight is a walking symbol of countless acts of generosity, cooperation, respect, and honor. Every Knight carries the privilege and burden of continuing the valorous work of hundreds who have gone before. We are many things, but few define us as clearly as these characteristics:

The Characteristics of Our Knighthood

Our major strength exists in our nature of being a multi-game guild, straddling all the environments our members have an interest in while being bound to the fate of none. As we are spread across so many games but remain centered with strong leadership, this place remains a shining light in the chaotic darkness and instability of online gaming today. When a game dies out, the 'goodbye's to old friends do not have to be permanent. This guild outlasts the games, and so this place is a stable home for gamers.

Our focused leadership allows us to have an effectively managed and stable guild, maintain our ideals, and work well as a team in any of the many different environments we encounter in our cross-game experiences. The Knighthood is served by a small team of officers. Our leaders handle internal (Knight-to-Knight) and external (guild-to-outsider) disputes and misunderstandings. This group makes all decisions for the guild based on the best interests of the guild. Officers have authority up to and including removing Knights from the guild, and so their requests are heeded. Suggestions are welcome and taken into consideration when decisions are being made. Officers' judgments are final and are upheld by the rest of the leadership. Our guildmaster is Jubal and our officers are Aalain, Alex (Sterling), Androdameia, Aulwewen, Kodoir, Leod, Nirrudn, Talferian, Trubador and Xia.

Our grand history has given us many members experienced in guild life, a great number of unique traditions, and many close bonds of friendship and fellowship. As we approach a decade of rich experiences and memories, we can appreciate the role this online guild has played in some of our lives. We have hosted games in dozens of worlds, allied with dozens of guilds, had dozens of real life meets, participated in dozens of RP events, led hundreds of raids, slain tens of thousands of foul beasts, and assisted uncounted numbers of adventurers. Our history can only truly be appreciated by understanding how many real human connections have been formed through the years.

Our sterling ideals are truly what set us apart from the tens of thousands of other online guilds. The behavior and general attitude alone exhibited by a person usually shows whether they are a Knight or worthy of becoming a member. We are elite, and all true Knights share and continually strive to personify our ideals. That characteristic more than any other defines what it is to be SOK.

The Ideals of Our Knighthood

We strive to be respectful in our behavior towards all persons in all situations. Our courteous nature is shown in the way we handle difficult situations and assist strangers. When disputes occur, whether ingame or not, Knights inform officers and let the leadership handle the situation instead of participating in a bad situation. This disposition of respect makes people enjoy playing with us more and is the real source of our fame. A respectful atmosphere is conducive to forging new friendships (inside and outside our ranks) and is an excellent lure for prospective members as it keeps the Knighthood an enjoyable group to join when playing games.

We strive to be cooperative in manner and encourage strong and regular participation. A major reason online guilds exist is to provide a stable community of people working together. Cooperation in participating is essential in maintaining that stability and making the Knighthood worthwhile for everyone. Some methods of performing this duty include attending or running guild meets, parties, roleplaying events, xp groups, raids, getting to know applicants, message board and chat activity, roleplaying in the Rusty Dagger, and attending real life meets. We strive to always understand the basics of our game environment, obey the rules of our raid leaders, and work together on projects (such as ingame resource contributions, raid focus, and harvesting programs). Sterling cooperation extends beyond the bounds of our fellow Knights. We strive to always cooperate as we can with other guilds and outsiders, whether our mutual ends are shared or not.

We strive to be inclusive of outsiders in our community. One of the ideals we are most renowned for is remaining open to interaction with people outside of the Knighthood. We invite strangers to almost everything we do as a community, whether to our message board activity or roleplaying or to ingame raids, groups, and events. Non-Knights are welcome to participate in almost everything we do. This attitude has allowed us to forge lasting friendships everywhere we travel. We keep many ally-guilds and friends of the Knighthood that we have made over the years in so many worlds.

We strive to be honorable in all our adventures. We are well known for consistently aiding new or needy players with items, instructions, or direct help in a dozen different worlds. The most important thing a Knight can do is assist another Knight as much as he can, but we do not stop there. In trading our wares, we always seek to be fair merchants. We take responsibility for seeking to be honest and generous to our core. When a guildmate is in need or in danger, we accept the duty of aiding them as one of the most important things we can do. We try our best not to boast too often or ask too much. We strive to never take advantage of other people or cheat in what would otherwise be a fair game. In player vs. player combat, Knights function by an honor code that few share. Striving to be honorable is our chief value, and that is why we claim to be sterling.